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The ASAP Consumer Site was developed by experts who know how to connect with high-income consumers – prosthodontists’ target market.

The 1,753 prosthodontists in the Prosthodontist Locator represent the largest directory of private practitioners in the history of the specialty. The database was assembled the hard way – one at a time – based on laborious searches of every major city in the United States with a concentration of prosthodontists.

If you or a prosthodontist you know is not listed, please call ASAP toll-free at 855-752-ASAP (2727). ASAP’s goal is to include every practicing prosthodontist in the United States.

Everyone in the ASAP Prosthodontist Locator will be listed for free for the first 90 days following activation. To activate, please complete registration.

The ASAP consumer site is powered by the latest search engine optimization (SEO) technology designed to drive qualified consumers to Although prosthodontists often complain that the specialty has low visibility, ASAP research confirmed that 2 – 3 percent of searches for advanced dental procedures involve some form of the word “prosthodontics.” It is for that reason that the ASAP site has employed “prosthodontists” in the URL.

By investing wisely in tested key words, SEO steers consumers searching for the entire spectrum of prosthodontic procedures. Likely a consumer won’t know that he or she is looking for a prosthodontist. They describe symptoms, such as lost tooth, missing teeth, or awkward smile, and are seeking solutions.

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  • Listing in the Prosthodontist Locator that includes your picture and your practice web address, linked directly to your home page. Results are listed by distance from zip code, not by alphabetical order.
  • Successful Prosthodontist, a twice-monthly e-letter about trends in marketing, public relations and practice management.
  • The Million-Dollar Prosthodontist, the only book of its kind written for practicing prosthodontists. Covers all aspects of growing a successful practice through agile and targeted marketing. Addresses themes of practice management that are fundamental to a robust and stable practice. Explains how to position a practice to align with the target market. On sale for $45. FREE for subscribers.
  • Discounted website design, development and search engine visibility. ASAP has negotiated an extraordinary discount for subscribers planning to build a new web site or re-conceive an existing site to assure maximum patient traffic and phone calls.

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