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How to Verify Dental Credentials

Nearly every dental specialist in the country displays one or more certificates in his or her office. However, not all credentials are created equal. Almost any organization or weekend education course can reward its members and attendees with impressive-looking certificates that mean virtually nothing.

Simply put, a professionally framed and displayed certificate does not guarantee that the doctor has put in the years of rigorous training required of a formal residency program. Don't assume and don't be fooled.

Only accredited dental and medical schools can award specialty certificates. The name of the institution must appear on the certificate and if the doctor is a specialist, one of the nine dental specialties officially recognized by the ADA must also be listed.

Be thorough in reviewing the credentials of a "Cosmetic Dentist" as well. Consider that the term "cosmetic" is used to describe practices which are decorative, not functional, and often lacking in depth or significance.

Instead, seek specialists who use dental techniques founded in formal training and expertise when the long term health and comfort of your mouth is at risk. Formally trained dental specialists have the care and know how to provide lasting solutions that inspire confidence and a fuller sense of wellbeing.

The ASAP-approved practitioners in our Prosthodontist Locater have completed this rigorous formal training and committed themselves to that level of care. When you have advanced dental needs, seek treatment by a true dental specialist … a prosthodontist.