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Prosthodontists are recognized worldwide as patient advocates and masters of dental restorations. With specialized training and extraordinary hand skills, prosthodontists are the architects of dental restoration. Prosthodontics is about seeing the path to perfection and knowing how to get there. Simply put, a prosthodontist makes missing, damaged and imperfect teeth perfect again.

FindYourProsthodontist is a powerful resource connecting patients to the very best prosthodontists in their region. This website is operated by The American Society for the Advancement of Prosthodontists (ASAP), an advocate of prosthodontists nationwide.

The ASAP Seal of Approval ensures consumers that each provider in our Prosthodontist Locator has completed the additional 2-3 years of study necessary to attain a certificate of specialization in prosthodontics and is engaged in full-time private practice.

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Why a Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontist are specialist in their field with 2-4 more years of specific training beyond dental school. Prosthodontist are perfectionist when it comes to tooth restoration, laboring for hours sometimes on a single tooth to ensure perfection.

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This website was created for patients looking for the very best in their field. The goal of this site was to help you find the very best Prosthodontist in your region. ASAP members are reviewed and approved before becoming part of this listing site. 

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ASAP strives to be an informative site where you can research all relative information concerning prosthodontist procedures and areas of expertise. We want you to understand the differences of prosthodontics from general dentistry. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

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What patients have to say!

I had two implants done by my dentist and later three by my prosthodontist. Huge difference. For one thing, I didn’t have waste time by having to schedule visits with the oral surgeon. This was because my prosthodontist, who happened to be Board Certified, did the placement of the implant himself right in his office. I walked out with a beautiful set of temporaries.
Beth, L., 34
I wish I knew 30 years ago what I know now about dentistry. My dentist keeps an eye on teeth for signs of decay or other problems. I go to my prosthodontist for everything else. If he spots decay, he’ll occasionally do a filling. A filling by a prosthodontist is like no other. Not fast. It’s always about perfection.
Helen, P., 64