Complete dentures have been around for hundreds of years. The materials have changed but the difficulty wearing complete dentures has not. Modern day dentures are made of acrylic resin. They sit on the gum tissue and must be balanced in position by muscular coordination. The upper denture usually has a little suction to help it stay in place. The lower denture never has suction and must be managed by the patient to float in position.

All complete dentures move during chewing. This is what causes rubbing and ultimately sore spots (ulcers). Long term wear of dentures also accelerates the bone loss under the gum tissues. The bone loss (called bone resorption) is an ongoing phenomenon in most people. It is the reason that dentures become loose over time. Only prosthodontists have extensive, formal training in denture fabrication. A prosthodontist requires 4-6 visits to properly make a great set of complete dentures. This is the only method to assure that the fit and appearance of your dentures is optimized. Many dental implant patients start out as complete denture wearers.

Implant Dentures (Non-Removable)

For people who don’t want to take their dentures out every day, non-removable implant-supported dentures are a good option. This procedure uses more implants than a removable implant denture and the dentures are permanently screwed onto the implants. The final result is a much more natural feeling set of new teeth. The ability to chew is completely restored and you never have to remove your teeth.