See what real patients have to say about
their experience with prosthodontics

There’s a common misperception that prosthodontists are just dentists with a fancy title. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Patients all over the country are discovering the difference that a board certified prosthodontist can make in their self-confidence, wellbeing and long-term happiness.

“My new teeth look great. I expected them to look great. What surprised me was how well the teeth work. Everything came together perfectly. You can feel the difference with a prosthodontist.” – David B, 55

“My implant was done in one trip. No more having to make an appointment with another specialist, then come back for the completion. The result is amazing.” – Beth L, 34

“For a lot of reasons, I had neglected my mouth. Hadn’t seen a dentist for more than 15 years. Had some serious problems. Always in pain. My prosthodontist took care of me in two visits. The difference is night and day in how I look and feel.” – Jim T, 62

“My teeth looked old. My prosthodontist bleached my lowers and crowned four uppers, and I look great.” – Helen P, 64

“My son was playing high school baseball when one day, while he was in the on-deck circle, the batter fouled back a fastball that caught my son right in the mouth. He was a mess. Working with a cosmetic surgeon and a prosthodontist, as soon as the initial swelling went away, he was fitted for temporaries, then some time afterwards came the porcelain-over-gold crowns. I mean no disrespect to the family dentist, but these prosthodontists are a breed apart.” – George H, 49

“I had two implants done by my dentist and later three by my prosthodontist. Huge difference. For one thing, I didn’t have waste time by having to schedule visits with the oral surgeon. This was because my prosthodontist, who happened to be Board Certified, did the placement of the implant himself right in his office. I walked out with a beautiful set of temporaries.”– Delores, 57

“I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars with the different dentists over the last 40 years. Some of the dentist referrals came from friends, colleagues, a doctor. The result was always the same. More X-Rays, cleanings, root canals, extractions, crowns, bridges, anything they could think of. The result is a mismatched mouth that allowed me to eat on the left side only, and then with two uppers and two lowers. I rarely smiled because I was self-conscious. Then I met a prosthodontist who completely changed my life and my whole point of view. I feel like a changed man. Like a miracle happened.” – Ben B, 63

“I wish I knew 30 years ago what I know now about dentistry. My dentist keeps an eye on teeth for signs of decay or other problems. I go to my prosthodontist for everything else. If he spots decay, he’ll occasionally do a filling. A filling by a prosthodontist is like no other. Not fast. It’s always about perfection.” – Jane R, 67